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(per era per computer permit, available in Windows/Macintosh/unix; in most Operating systems & cpu ; CHECK COMPATIBILITY LIST)

*1* Requests about special preparation to other operating systems & cpu,
& *2* For special deals,

# 2019 introduction deals (prices per permit per duration) #

# Table 1, comments; #

*1* the 1 year permit for 99$ is reduced from 150$, for first purchases; there is a second permit (per year), in that first purchse, for 55$,

*2* there is a deal of 33% off, on purchases in more than 1250$, on the amount above the 1250$

*3* these are prices for research; to others than researchers, the prices are, 1250$ per permit per year, first year deal, & two permits in 1500$ ; above that, the prices are 1050$ each permit,

RDF description (in pictures & videos)


RDF load & view the data;





RDF data-PDF


RDF Simple properties from the data




RDF exponenetial fit command,










RDF MODELS, 2-STATE kinetic scheme





RDF FILTER (continous),



RDF MODELS, continous scheme




RDF data-files' manipulations



Console; (simple mathemtical operations and html & javascript operations)



RDF simulations